Legal expenses insurance for freelancers

For unpaid invoices & sticky legal situations. This insurance gives you access to a library of vetted legal documents and even a free 24/7 legal advice and tax helpline.

Legal expenses insurance also covers the cost of expert help from accountants, if you’re ever faced with an HMRC tax investigation. This can easily run into the thousands — but you’ll get it at no extra cost.

What is legal expenses insurance?

Whilst the professional indemnity policy is triggered if you receive a threat of legal action or a client tries to recover compensation, legal expenses insurance is designed to help with everyday legal issues.

Use your legal expenses policy to get legal advice before a problem escalates, or to put an end to late paying clients.

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Do I need legal expenses insurance?

If you’ve ever found yourself with a legal question and turning to Facebook, Reddit and Slack communities for answers, you should consider legal expenses insurance. After all, it’s better to get expert advice from a legal adviser than the online echo chambers.

Everyday issues like unpaid invoices and keeping on the right side of IR35 are a worry. The debt recovery service and tax protection cover will help should those problems arise, freeing you up to focus on your most important asset—your productivity.

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What's covered…

Contract disputes

Clients can receive a robustly-worded letter from expert solicitors.

Overdue invoices

Solicitors will chase overdue invoices on your behalf.

Innocent legal mistakes

Call the legal helpline and get expert advice.

Tax investigations

Call the tax helpline. And if there’s ever a dispute, you’ll have expert support.

Loss of earnings through jury duty

As a freelancer, you can’t afford to lose a day’s work to jury duty.

Law assistance

Access vetted legal documents and information.

How does cover for unpaid invoices work?

Statistics show that over half of small businesses have issues with late payments. This is why the debt recovery service is one of the most used features of the legal expenses policy. Let’s break down how it works.

  • This is a legal service where a solicitor will chase your invoice on your behalf
  • It is limited to UK or EU invoices over £200. If you’re looking to recover debt from an international client, please get in touch and we can suggest a debt collection company
  • The solicitor will check the terms of the contract have been adhered to. This is to ensure there’s no dissatisfaction with your work and that there is no alleged breach by you
  • To ensure the chance of recovery is greater than 50%, the solicitor will check there is money to be recovered from your client
  • Once the claim has been accepted, the formal process to chase your debt will begin—including court proceedings if required

The legal advice helpline

For the first time in his career, David experienced a client refusing to pay his invoice. He shares his experience of using the legal advice helpline to guide him through the unfamiliar and uncomfortable process of pursuing a client through small claims court.

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