The legal advice helpline

For the first time in his career, David experienced a client refusing to pay his invoice. He shares his experience of using the legal advice helpline to guide him through the unfamiliar and uncomfortable process of pursuing a client through small claims court.

Today we hear from a real With Jack customer, David, a designer and founder of Squidge Inc. He shares his experience using the legal advice helpline to assist him in dealing with a client who wouldn’t pay.

The legal advice helpline is part of the legal expenses product, which I’ve often described as ‘kind of like having a law firm on retainer’ because you can call the helpline as often as you like to ask general legal questions relating to business matters.

Listen to the episode below for David’s experience and his takeaways for other freelancers struggling to get paid.

Here are some of our takeaways from the episode:

  • Prepare your questions for the legal advice helpline in advance so you can end the conversation knowing exactly what your next step should be
  • The helpline walked David through the cost and paperwork for going through small claims court
  • The helpline can also assist you with legal jargon which can show clients you are prepared and know what you’re doing
  • Document everything from client communication to agreements. This will help you when preparing all of the evidence you need to pursue payment
  • David probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to go through small claims court if it wasn’t from the help he received from the legal advice helpline
  • Although David’s client rejected his initial claim, they agreed on a rate without going through court
  • David believes that the tipping point of getting his invoice paid was showing the client he was serious about going through small claims court
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