Our Business Insurance Products

As a freelancer, your work is you. Every client and project is different but there’s always one thing that remains the same - your need to protect yourself and your work. That’s exactly what Jack can help you do.

Unsure what insurance you need? If any of the points below apply to you, you should consider that cover.

Professional Indemnity

  • Gives advice to clients
  • Provides a professional service
  • Can cause financial loss to a client if there's a mistake in your work
  • Has a duty of care to clients
  • Handles client information

Public Liability

  • Works at client premises
  • Exhibits at trade shows
  • Has client meetings face-to-face
  • Interacts with clients or members of the public
  • Works with third-party equipment


  • Depends on equipment such as computers and cameras to get work done
  • Travels with equipment for work
  • Doesn't have the upfront capital to replace work tools if they were damaged or stolen

Professional indemnity insurance is our main product. When you get a quote with Jack, you'll be presented with the option to add public liability and/or contents to your policy.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Insurance how it should be

Professional indemnity will protect you in the event that your work does not live up to client expectations. Any breaches to your ‘duty of care’ to a client such as negligence, mishandling of intellectual property or ill-informed advice could get you in a bind. Professional indemnity covers the legal fees associated with a claim, as well as compensation costs if your client suffers a financial loss as a result of your work. Ultimately, professional indemnity will cover your mistakes.

Professional indemnity will protect you;

Public Liability Insurance

Straight up service

If you make regular contact with your clients or the public through your work, you should have public liability insurance. Public liability will cover a claim that may arise whether on your client's property or yours, protecting you against cases of injury or damage to a person or property.

Public liability will protect you;

Contents Insurance

What you see is what you get

A freelancer can't work without their tools. Contents insurance will cover your business equipment against damage and theft.

Replacing your work tools can be expensive. If your computer got damaged, would you be able to afford a new one? A top of the range laptop costs shy of £3000. Instead of dipping into your capital, we can arrange insurance for your equipment.

Business contents insurance is more sophisticated then home contents insurance. With our policy you can add multiple locations—such as an office and home address.

We asked ourselves one important question

What do we want out of an insurance provider? Jack is the answer.