How freelancers are handling late payments

Last month we asked freelancers to participate in our late or non payment survey. Today we share the findings from this survey. Is there anything you can learn from how other freelancers handle late or non payment?

Are your clients wrecking your mental health?

Ok, that headline might be a bit strong! But it’s possible that the way you manage (or don’t manage) your clients is having an impact on your mental health. Let’s count the ways this might be affecting you, and look at what you can do to stay healthy.

Protecting yourself if a client’s business goes under

This is the kind of topic where you might prefer to stick your head in the sand. But the reality is that business insolvencies are close to their highest level in the UK since 2009. And there are no guarantees it won’t be one of your clients that goes under next. So how can you protect yourself?

News: An update to direct debits

Beazley, the insurer we place your business with, has updated their direct debit process. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why it’s definitely time to raise your prices

When did you last put your prices up? If you haven’t done this in the last few weeks, keep reading, because I’m here to explain to you exactly why you need to raise your rates. No exceptions!

Avoid breakdowns with back-ups. How Cinemate manage their back-ups

It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, if you’re a freelancer providing a service to clients you should invest time into perfecting your back-ups. Investing time and money into your workflow now can avoid expensive lessons later.

Why a recession is the WORST time to cut back on insurance

It might seem counterintuitive, but there’s a reason why a recession is the MOST sensible time to be sure your business is covered.

Busting the most common freelancer myth: “I don’t need insurance because I have a contract”

Something I see again and again on subreddits and other social media, is the mistaken belief that a signed contract with every client means you don’t need insurance. In the words of the Family Fortunes buzzer, “Bap baah”. (Wrong!)

How to survive a computer failure, corrupted hard drive or any other hardware breakdown

It’s your worst nightmare, and we all think (hope!) it’ll never happen to us. But what would you do if your laptop failed tomorrow?

Avoid freelancing challenges by getting your mindset right

A huge percentage of the problems freelancers face could be avoided. It all comes down to mindset and getting your head on straight! So what’s the best way to do that?

How do you avoid getting burned – or burned out – by difficult clients?

Nine times out of ten, when you look back, the signs were there from the start. It’s why most experienced freelancers have a mental list of ‘red flags’ – behaviour from a potential client which might lead to trouble down the road.

There’s no such thing as perfect: how to handle it when your mistakes have a serious impact on your client

We’re all human. And while most freelancers want to do good work, there will always be software bugs, technical glitches and typos. So how do you handle it when something goes wrong and a client refuses to pay your invoice or pursues you for damages?