Public liability insurance for freelancers

For little accidents such as slips, trips and falls. Public liability insurance is for you if you make regular contact with clients or the public through your work. It protects you against cases of injury or damage to a person or property.

What is public liability insurance for freelancers?

Public liability insurance will protect you if someone has an accident on your property, whether you work from home or from separate premises. It will also protect you if you damage a client’s property or equipment.

If somebody sustains an injury as a result of your professional services and tries to recover compensation from you, public liability insurance can help.



Do I need public liability insurance?

If your work regularly puts you in contact with people, you should consider public liability insurance to protect you against trip, slip and fall claims.

Public liability insurance is especially popular amongst photographers and filmmakers because they’re regularly in contact with people, but many remote freelancers like designers and developers choose to add it to their policy. Furthermore, it’s a contractual requirement for some clients and recruitment services.



What's covered…

Injury on premises

If someone has an accident on your work premises and you’re legally obligated to pay expenses.


If you have an accident that causes physical damage to third-party property.

Trips. slips and falls

If someone sustains an injury during the course of your professional services.

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