New product: helping you get paid

Today we’ve added a new product to our line called legal expenses. This product will help you get paid, give you access to legal advice 24/7 and more.

Today we’ve added a new product to our line called legal expenses. Hidden under its corporate name is a myriad of features designed to help you be a confident freelancer.

This product will;

  • help you get paid
  • give you access to legal advice 24/7
  • prevent loss of earnings whilst on jury duty
  • help with tax disputes and investigations

All for a little over £5 a month if your business has less than 20 employees.

Let’s dive into each of these features in more detail.

Get Paid

Late payments will be chased for you. If a client has went quiet and you’ve exhausted your usual tactics with overdue invoices, an expert lawyer will formally chase your debt, including court proceedings, if required.

Limited to UK and EU invoices over £200. Excludes debt from software and systems etc supplied by you or tailored to your requirements (this doesn’t apply to web design, computer programming or project management and training).

Access To Legal Advice

Keeping up with legislation can be overwhelming for freelancers, so this product includes access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline. This is for general queries arising from any business related matter, including debt recovery and contract disputes with clients, tax enquiries and general legal matters.

Limited to business matters within EU law.

Prevent Loss Of Earnings Whilst On Jury Duty

Being called for jury duty or having to attend court can result in lost wages for freelancers. This product ensures that you can be paid for some of your lost wages, where they cannot be claimed back from the court or tribunal.

Tax Disputes And Investigations

Accountancy fees can be costly when it comes to tax investigations and disputes. This product provides expert tax advice and assistance in relation to disputes with HMRC relating to enquiries about tax returns, including VAT, PAYE, IR35 and National Insurance contributions.

All tax returns must have been completed correctly and submitted within relevant timescales.

As with any insurance policy, there must be no current circumstance which you’re aware of that might give rise to a claim or loss. In other words, previous debts or loss of earnings outside the policy period wouldn’t be covered.

New customers can select legal expenses when building their quote online as from today. We’re contacting existing customers to give you the option to add this to your policy via a mid-term adjustment.

Legal expenses is just one of several products we’ll be shipping this year. The big vision is for With Jack to become the platform that helps to keep freelancers in business. This is another step towards that!

We asked ourselves one important question…

What do we want out of an insurance provider?

With Jack is the answer