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Professional Indemnity is our main policy, protecting you from the big issues freelancers like you encounter. If you need that extra level of protection then we also offer public liability and contents insurance as add-ons that pair nicely with your professional indemnity policy.

Professional Indemnity

For the daily freelance problems

Professional Indemnity is there to protect you from the common pitfalls that many freelancers encounter. That includes unpaid invoices (if your client refuses to pay and threatens to bring a claim against you, professional indemnity can cover the amount owed to you), work that doesn’t meet client expectations and if a client threatens legal action against you. Professional indemnity covers your defence costs associated with a claim, as well as compensation if your client claims to suffer a financial loss as a result of your work.



Protects against…

Unmet expectations

If your client claims your work doesn’t meet their expectations.

Refusal to pay

If clients refuse to pay and threaten to bring a claim against you.

Copyright Infringement

If you unintentionally infringe on someone else’s property.

Silly Mistakes

If you make a mistake or give ill-informed advice.

Damaged reputation

If you unintentionally damage a client’s reputation. Defamation, libel, slander…

Data breach

If you lose or mishandle sensitive client data.

Contents Insurance

For the equipment you need to do your job

Many freelancers don’t have the cash to replace their equipment if it's damaged or stolen. With contents insurance, you’ll be able to buy new tools, keep working on that project — and hit that deadline.




Damage or theft

Cracked laptop screens, dropped cameras, stolen equipment.

Worldwide coverage

Your equipment will be insured when travelling abroad.

Not just computers

Covers everything you need to do your job.

Public Liability

For trips, spills and accidental damage

Little accidents such as slips, trips and falls can be expensive. Public liability insurance is for you if you make regular contact with clients or the public through your work. It protects you against cases of injury or damage to a person or property.



Protects against…

Injury on premises

If someone has an accident on your work premises and you're legally obligated to pay expenses.


If you have an accident that causes physical damage to third-party property.

Trips. slips and falls

If someone sustains an injury during the course of your professional services.

Our Stories

We’re not here to spook, shock, or intimidate you into buying insurance, but if you’re wondering what situations insurance can help with, read these stories from some of the freelancers we’ve supported through tricky situations.

Now that I’m insured, I know that my business is secure and safely insured. I also know I can rely on Ashley at With Jack to help with any issues that crop up - there’s nobody I’d trust more to help me handle such an important part of my business.

Rachel Shillcock

Freelance designer

We asked ourselves one important question …

What do we want out of an insurance provider?

With Jack is the answer