Even More Special Offers For Jack Customers

We've been growing our partners to get you even more discounts and freebies on tools you'll love.


A year ago we shared details of the special offers our customers have access to. Since then we've added a few more partners to our benefits.

Alongside tools like Cushion, RookieUp, Exposure we now have even more discounts on tools and resources you'll love!

Let's take a look.


What's your runway? Which clients are most valuable? Forecast will help you keep on top of your business' health. It's no-nonsense forecasting for freelancers. As a Jack customer, you get 50% off for 6 months!

One Month

Learn real-world coding skills in 30-day bootcamps. Over 40,000 students have taken One Month courses and gone on to build amazing businesses and careers. As a Jack customer, you get 20% off your first online bootcamp.

Mystery Shop and Benchmarking Report

Start improving your customer experience with a Mystery Shop and Benchmarking Report. Using linguistics, psychology and user experience, From Scratch will highlight where you're doing amazingly—and how you can do even better! As a Jack customer, you get a free Mystery Shop and Benchmarking Report. (We've just hired From Scratch to work on Jack's copy!)

When you become a With Jack customer, we'll send you the applicable discount codes along with your certificates of insurance and policy documents.

We’re always growing our partners to get you discounts and freebies on tools you’ll love. See the full list of benefits you’ll receive when using With Jack to arrange your insurance.

Learn From Great Design Giveaway

Oh, we're also running a giveaway! We have 9 free copies of the Masterclass Edition of Learn From Great Design. That's 20 web design studies, videos of key interactions and 3 masterclasses of great designs. Learn From Great Design cuts through the fluff so you can improve your eye for great design. Find out how to enter.

We asked ourselves one important question …

What do we want out of an insurance provider?

With Jack is the answer