Expanding Our Service To More Professions

Last night we pushed a small update to With Jack.

It will go unnoticed to most, but if you’re a photographer, digital marketer or mobile app developer, you’ll have a nicer experience arranging your insurance through Jack.

While we’ve always been able to help these trades, we’ve built better support for them into our customer journey.

In the past—if you fell under one of these professions—we’d have to follow up with more questions. Now all of this is captured online, providing a more cohesive customer journey.

Why photographers, digital marketers and mobile app developers? At launch we focused on serving web designers and developers. While they make up 70% of our customer base, we began attracting other trades.

After looking at our data, photographers, digital marketers and mobile app developers were using With Jack the most (outside of web designers and developers).

There are bigger (and better!) changes coming to With Jack in the near future. Stay in the loop by signing up to our newsletter. We share fun and useful stuff, too—not just boring insurance chat.

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Ashley Baxter

Ashley is the woman behind Jack. A photographer, occasional public speaker and tinkerer of code, Ashley's aim is to simplify insurance. And deadlift 100KG.