(Case Study) Going Freelance And Finding Clients After Redundancy

Martin Bean, a web developer based in Newcastle, was working for a legal services comparison site when he was made redundant. On Thursday he was feeling secure in his job. By Monday he was looking for freelance work (and sorting his business insurance!).

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(Case Study) Mindfulness Everywhere

Mindfulness Everywhere combines meditation mindfulness with design and technology. Under the Mindfulness Everywhere umbrella is a book, This is Happening, two apps and a physical product, Cards for Mindfulness. Jack sat down with founder, Rohan, to talk about validating product ideas and how his best-selling app, Buddhify, started as a side project.

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(Case Study) Mikleo

Mikleo is a remote design and research team—and one of Jack’s customers! Jack sat down with one half of Mikleo, Cassius Kiani, to chat working remotely, finding a business partner, and how a solid Dribbble portfolio has helped them win clients.

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