How Insurance Helped This Photographer With Lens Theft

Whilst professional indemnity is the bread and butter at With Jack, work tools are an essential part of a freelancer’s tool kit. That’s why we give you the option to add contents to your policy when you get a quote.

How insurance helped this photographer with lens theft

With Jack customer, Rab, discovered the importance of having insurance for his work equipment when he was a victim of theft.

Rab was tricked into thinking an eBay user had paid for his lens via a PayPal transaction. Once he shipped the lens to the buyer, the PayPal payment was reversed.

Rab: “I logged into my PayPal account and the funds were sitting in my account. So I shipped the lens via Royal Mail Special Delivery to an address in London. A few days later I received six emails from eBay. They were notifying me that bids were removed from my item due to a compromised eBay account. Bids on an item that was sold, paid for and shipped.”

This was the beginning of a stressful fight for Rab. eBay and PayPal each blamed one another, and the police referred Rab to Action Fraud, who took 5 months to respond.

How insurance helped this photographer with lens theft

Rab: “How fraudulently stealing a lens worth about £1,000 might not be a police matter is beyond me, but I filled out the form and waited 5 months for a reply. The reply from Action Fraud stated that this was just a “single isolated incident with no links to other reports” and wont be escalated to the Police.”

After exhausting every avenue, Rab felt frustrated and turned to With Jack.

Rab: “After speaking to With Jack it lifted my mood knowing that someone had my back. I was doubtful that the insurers would be able to comprehend the situation given the troubles PayPal and eBay had understanding it all after hours of calls.”

With Jack acts as your agent in placing the insurance and in the event of a claim. Within an hour the insurer we’d placed Rab’s insurance with had compensated him for the stolen lens. In Rab’s words, the only painless thing about the whole process was his insurance claim with Jack.

Rab: “The insurer paid out almost immediately after I claimed. They understood the situation and frustrations I was going through. If it wasn’t for the insurance I had, I’d be down about £1,000 with no help coming from eBay, PayPal or the Police.”

How insurance helped this photographer with lens theft

You can read Rab’s full account of what happened on Medium.

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