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Insuring Your Freelance Business When You Have Worldwide Clients

Shopping for business insurance when you work with global clients doesn't have to be a problem.


If you've tried shopping for insurance when you work with clients outside of the UK, you may have run into problems. Insurers tend to shy away from covering businesses with worldwide clients.

Insurance your business when you have worldwide clients

This doesn't suit the life of a digital freelancer. After all, the web is global.

Thanks to Skype, Basecamp and other tools, there's no geographical limit as to where your clients are based. Many freelancers complete entire projects working remotely.

A designer based in Manchester, England can work with a corporation located on the West Coast of America.

Because of this, it doesn't make sense to exclude work carried out in the US or elsewhere.

Considering Jack specialises in serving the digital market, it was crucial we offered a policy that insures your business when working with global clients under their law.

By default your policy's jurisdiction will be limited to worldwide cover excluding the USA and Canada. This limit can be removed if you work with US/Canadian contracts for an additional premium.

When receiving your quote from Jack, inform us you'd like the jurisdictional limit to be removed and enjoy peace of mind with worldwide coverage.

We asked ourselves one important question…

What do we want out of an insurance provider?

With Jack is the answer