Insurance for web developers

Web developers need business insurance to protect them from the everyday risks that come with building software and working with clients. Technical issues with code, payment and contract disputes, and arguments around the project spec or intellectual property.

Web developers don’t just have the technical element of writing code to deal with. There’s putting together a solid project spec so you and your client are on the same page with what features will be delivered, handling payment issues and dealing with contract disputes. This is why web developers should be insured.

For example, did you know that the biggest cause of claims against freelance web developers is due to technical mistakes in their code? Whilst bugs are an inevitable part of software engineering, if it leads to a loss for the client they can look to recover that cost from you. Then there are project management issues. Making sure your client knows exactly what work to expect and delivering work on time is part of the job description, but this can be challenging especially if working with non-technical clients. If compensation has to be paid to put nasty situations to bed your insurance may be able to assist.