Insurance for Web Designers

You're a freelance web designer. You don't have staff to manage and spend most of your time at a computer. You have every client sign a contract, so assume your line of work is low risk and you're protected. But any professional that provides advice or services to a client should be insured.

The aim of professional indemnity is to offer reimbursement for a work-related loss. You're put back in the same financial position after a loss as you'd enjoyed prior to the loss. A work-related loss could be compensation for a mistake you've made, unpaid invoices, or defence costs if a client makes a claim against you.

You get access to all of this for £14 per month.

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Insurance how it should be

These are just some of the scenarios professional indemnity will cover freelancers for:

Can you provide a real scenario of a designer needing insurance?

Straight up service

We've seen many situations a freelance designer needing to call on the help of their insurer. Below is just one example.

A web designer was contracted to design a website for a client. For various reasons—both the client and designer's fault—the project took longer to complete than initially agreed.

The client refused to pay the invoice, citing the reason as "lost confidence in the work being completed". This came as a shock to the designer—the client had seemed understanding of the delays.

The designer received a letter from the client's legal team suing for loss of business. Fortunately, the web designer had professional indemnity insurance.

The designer's insurer appointed a lawyer, and the designer provided a timeline of events and emails as evidence. The insurer felt the designer was right to invoice for the work completed.

Because the cost of the claim was greater than the invoice owed, the insurer paid the amount owed to the designer instead of pursuing commercial litigation.

This is just one of many examples where your insurer would step in to help you. The point is, the designer was put back in the same financial position after their loss as they'd enjoyed prior to the loss. That's what business insurance is for.

Be a trusted and insured professional

What you see is what you get

Insurance exists as protection against mistakes you make in your work and complaints or criticism from clients. It doesn't matter how good you are, these things happen.

As a freelancer your reputation is everything. Being an insured professional shows clients you're trustworthy and have support should things go awry.

Although insurance premiums vary, the professional indemnity policy we arrange costs £14 per month for £1,000,000 of cover. Every freelancer or small business should be insured. And it's tax deductible.

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