Instant quotes and a brand new look

From manual processes to instant quotes and a fresh look. Find out more about how With Jack is changing.

Fun fact: With Jack’s been rocking manual quotes for the past 2 years like an old-school insurance broker. We’ve done a good job of embracing our constraints with a quote to customer conversion rate of 40% (and lots of people thinking it’s automated).

Manually processing quotes has given us a chance to have hundreds of customer conversations. This has helped us learn more about our customers’ needs, but we know people want and expect instant quotes. It’s one of our most requested features and this week we shipped it.

This means you can:

  • compare the price of different cover options, tailoring your insurance to your budget
  • get an idea of cost before giving your contact information
  • avoid waiting for your quote to be emailed to you

Comparing Cover Options

Before: You’d fill out the form and select what cover you want, then you’d wait for a quote to be emailed to you. Usually you’d ask for a follow-up quote with cover added or removed. This required a bit more effort on your and our part.

Now: You can add and remove cover within the form and the price will automatically reflect that. This allows you to tailor the cover options to your needs, and see how each cover impacts your premium.

Get An Idea Of Cost

As much as we want to get away from the price-driven behaviour of insurance and instead focus on excellent customer service and experience, we do understand pricing is a big factor when choosing your insurance provider.

Instead of waiting for your quote to be emailed to you, you’ll now get to see the price upfront. You can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you, and only once you’ve decided you’re happy we’ll take your contact details.

No More Waiting

Manual quotes meant waiting for your quote to be processed and emailed to you. Whilst this could take less than 5 minutes during business hours, it still kept you waiting longer than necessary. Now you’ll have access to pricing information in real-time before deciding to buy.

Jack’s Growing Up

We’ve launched instant quotes alongside a brand new look. With Jack has had a makeover!

In many ways we’re in a different place to when we first launched. We’ve grown to an army of freelancers, helped lots of them navigate stressful situations, and we have a big announcement to share with you next month.

It was time to reflect these changes and this stage of With Jack’s life with a new look. We won’t say much else about this—instead be sure to have a look around and get to know the new With Jack.

We asked ourselves one important question…

What do we want out of an insurance provider?

With Jack is the answer