How insurance helped this developer after a bike accident

When Simon had an accident on his bike and broke his laptop, he was worried about two things; will his insurance cover the damage and how quickly can he get back to work? Here’s how With Jack helped him.

Simon was cycling to work when he had an accident. He hit an icy path, lost control of his bike and fell off.

In Simon’s backpack was a MacBook Pro—the machine he uses to run his freelance business as a web developer.

The laptop was bent out of shape and had suffered serious damage. Instantly, Simon was concerned about two things; will his insurance cover the damage and how quickly can he get back to work?

After taking the laptop to Apple to assess the damage, Simon was quoted almost £1000 to fix it. New casing, battery and board all add up! Fortunately he had insurance through With Jack.

The insurer considered this accidental damage, which was covered under Simon’s contents policy. He received the money just a few hours after notifying the claims team. Better yet, the claims team paid out £1699 for a new laptop because they were concerned there would be further repairs—therefore another claim—down the line.

Here’s what Simon had to say about his experience.

After an accident on my bike, my laptop was damaged and I wasn’t sure if I could claim. Ashley at With Jack was incredibly helpful and my claim was approved the same day so I could focus on my business rather than worrying how I can pay for the repair.

Freelancers often depend on one or two pieces of equipment to run their business. You need to know your equipment can be replaced quickly if something bad happens. Here are some tips to speed up the claims process:

  • Have proof of damage ready to send to the insurer. Simon had a report from Apple detailing the damage and how much it would cost to repair it
  • Have your policy reference to hand (this will be on your policy documents, but if you can’t find it get in touch and we’ll help)
  • If your equipment has been stolen, make sure you have the crime reference number given to you by the police
  • Provide details about the incident such as what happened and the date it occured. The insurer needs to know it happened within the policy period and is covered under the scope of the policy (for example, an old battery that’s stopped working because of natural wear wouldn’t be covered)

With the above details your contents claim should be dealt with swiftly. This means there’s minimal disruption to your business and you can get back to work quickly. Just like Simon!

We asked ourselves one important question…

What do we want out of an insurance provider?

With Jack is the answer