COVID-19 and your mental health

There has been a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of freelancers during COVID-19. We want to take this opportunity to remind you of the confidential counselling helpline you have access to with your legal expenses insurance.

In today’s Unsure? Insure! episode we talk about the impact COVID-19 is having on your mental health and how your insurance can help. We also share customer projects that have been launched during lockdown.

Everybody is handling this situation differently. There is no normal and everybody’s circumstances are different. There might be more bad days than good days right now. One thing is for certain—there is a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of freelancers during this time.

From all of the conversations we’ve had with customers at With Jack, most are worried about what the future holds. Some have been badly impacted by loss of work. Others are struggling with isolation, and many are finding it difficult juggling working from home with their workload.

If you’re a With Jack customer and you have legal expenses insurance, you have access to a confidential counselling helpline.

This means qualified counsellors are available to talk to and help you cope with your feelings during this stressful time. The counselling helpline isn’t just available for you, it can also be used by family members.

All conversations with counsellors are completely confidential. Having someone qualified to talk to outside of your family or network of friends might alleviate some of the anxiety you’re experiencing.

Customer projects launched during COVID-19

On another note, I want to highlight a few projects our customers have launched during lockdown.

Lower Street Media, which is a podcast production service, has launched a podcast called Working From Home Daily. This podcast helps you stay connected, productive, and sane while working from home. Episode 13 touches upon mental health and how to look after yourself so you don’t feel alone balancing work and home life when work is home life.

If you want to take a break from consuming Coronavirus-related content, AnyForty is hosting Instagram live chats with artists. AnyForty has worked with some incredible artists around the world. This is twice weekly artist link-up over at @anyforty on Instagram. If you miss them happening live they’re also on YouTube.

Lastly, Euan has launched Willo—a video interviewing platform. Willo is free of charge to any businesses struggling to interview during COVID-19.

If you’re unable to work or cashflow has been affected due to the changes happening right now, the insurer we’ve arranged your policy with has announced a 60 day premium pause. Please contact us if this sounds helpful to you.

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