Coming soon: A new look at With Jack

With Jack is offering more types of cover. Now freelancers can customise their insurance for their business.

With Jack launched with just one product. Professional indemnity insurance for freelance web designers and developers.

Now we’ve arranged insurance for an array of creative clients. 70% of our customers are made up of designers and developers, but we’ve also arranged insurance for internet marketers, business consultants and others.

As we’ve put more freelancers on cover, we’ve come to know what insurance they need on top of their professional indemnity policy.

More Cover Options

22% of our customers add public liability to their policy. You should have this cover if you work on-site at client premises, or if you have clients visiting you.

It protects you against causing damage to third-party property, or a client sustaining an injury on your premises. The most common type of claim with public liability is slips, trips and falls.

Public liability insurance will cost around £33 per annum.

17% of our customers insured their contents. After being burgled and having my work tools stolen, I’m delighted to bring contents insurance to Jack.

Work tools are crucial to a freelancers’s job and can be costly to replace. A top of the range laptop costs shy of £3000. Then there’s the other gadgets we accrue to do our jobs, such as tablets and phones.

Instead of dipping into your capital, you can transfer the financial burden to your insurer to cover the cost of theft or damage to your equipment.

Contents insurance policies for business are more sophisticated than home insurance policies, which likely exclude contents used for work purposes.

Build Your Own Cover To Suit Your Business

This week we’ll start implementing these products and by next week customers will be able pick and choose what cover they need from within Jack’s quote form.

If you choose multiple types of cover, they will fall under one policy to keep things simple, with one renewal date and premium.

Say hello to the perfect policy.

We asked ourselves one important question…

What do we want out of an insurance provider?

With Jack is the answer