(Case study) Reflecting on the first year of freelancing

Digital marketer, Briony Cullin, reflects on her first year as a freelancer. Going into her second year freelancing, we talked about the challenges she’s faced and the impact her personal projects have had on the business.

The beginner’s resource to insurance for freelancers

This guide is compiled with a list of questions we’re regularly asked about business insurance for freelancers. If you’re a freelancer considering getting insured for the first time this guide is for you.

How insurance helped this designer with a strained client relationship

When Emily’s client relationship broke down she decided it was best to walk away. What happened next threatened to put her out of business.

Common misconceptions freelancers have about insurance

We debunk the common misconceptions freelancers have about business insurance like thinking a contract is enough to protect them.

(Case study) Convincing clients to budget for your service

How do you convince clients to get on board with your service and set aside the budget? Andthen tell us how they do it.

Even more special offers for With Jack customers

We’ve been growing our selection of hand-picked partners to get you even more discounts and freebies on tools and resources you’ll love.

How to avoid being a statistic

A recent survey of self-employed professionals suggests small businesses could be doing a better job of treating their business like, well, a business. Here’s how to avoid being a statistic.

(Case study) Transitioning from agency work to freelance

How do you make the leap from agency to freelance? Graham has some great tips on transitioning to freelance.

Understanding professional indemnity: a guide for freelancers

What is professional indemnity insurance and how can it help? We share insights into when a freelancer would use professional indemnity and how it works.

(Case study) Building a freelance business with a chronic illness

Katherine Cory and Rachel Shillcock talk candidly about building a freelance design business while dealing with chronic illnesses.

How insurance helped this developer fight scope creep

A true story of how insurance paid a developer £9000 in unpaid fees and provided legal support when a client became threatening.

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