Instant quotes and a brand new look

From manual processes to instant quotes and a fresh look. Find out more about how With Jack is changing.

What to do if your client isn’t paying you

Unpaid invoices are the bane of any freelancer’s life. We share tips and resources on how to deal with a client that isn’t paying you.

How insurance helped this developer accused of IP theft

Accusations of IP theft don’t just happen to big companies. We share the story of how insurance helped a freelance developer who was accused of intellectual property theft.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

It can be difficult to define professional indemnity insurance, but I like to think of it as insurance for careless mistakes or problem clients.

What to do if your client adds an insurance clause to your contract

Has your client added an insurance clause to your contract that’s a bit overboard? We see this happen a lot, and whilst it’s important to be professionally insured there’s room to negotiate.

Introducing our new YouTube channel

Short, snappy explainer videos to demystify insurance for freelancers. Introducing our new YouTube channel.

Yet another problem that could be solved with insurance

We share another example of how insurance could have helped a freelancer in a time of need. Instead of asking for advice on Reddit, they could have called upon their insurer to solve their problem.

Behind the scenes: the new quote system

Take a behind the scenes look at the new quote system where you can select what cover you want and get an instant quote without giving your personal details.

Do I really need insurance?

A lot of freelancers are dishing out poor advice about not needing insurance. Whilst it isn’t a legal requirement, there are very good reasons why freelancers should have professional indemnity insurance.

How insurance helped this photographer with lens theft

Rab shares his experience of lens theft on PayPal and eBay, and how the only help he received was from his insurance company.

How insurance helped this agency when client expectations weren’t met

Sometimes project deadlines are missed or the work isn’t what the client expected. This happened to one of our customers, which lead to claim on their professional indemnity insurance.

Is there an insurance policy for GDPR?

GDPR is almost here and businesses are preparing for it. We take a look at how insurance could protect you with the new legislation.