What’s a freelancer doing that requires insurance?

Some freelancers think they don’t need insurance because they aren’t doing anything risky and having a contract is enough to protect them, but is that true?

What to do when a client doesn’t pay?

What do you do when a client isn’t paying you? Clients refusing to pay an invoice is a common problem with freelancing, but we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to get paid for the work you’ve done.

Ryan Johnston’s path to freelancing as a live music photographer

We caught up with freelance photographer and With Jack customer, Ryan Johnston, to talk about his path to freelancing. Ryan’s new to freelancing, having made the jump to full-time a few months ago. He can name Biffy Clyro, Red Bull and Travis as some of his clients.

How insurance helped this photographer with a failed hard drive

Being a photographer carries a lot of risk. CF and SD cards fail, equipment breaks and some clients can be difficult to please. Today we look at how insurance helped a photographer who lost client work due to a failed hard drive.

How insurance helped this freelancer with a stalled client project

Have you ever had a project grind to a halt because the client didn’t provide the assets you needed to complete it? We share a real story of how insurance helped a freelancer when a client project stalled.

Best practices to avoid copyright infringement claims

If you’re using third-party content in marketing material, customer’s websites or your own site, this can leave you vulnerable to copyright infringement claims. We’ve got a few of these claims under our belt, so let’s talk about how to avoid them happening to you.

Problems insurance solves for freelancers

There are many benefits of insurance, but they’re buried within policy documents and dressed up in legal jargon. Today we share some of the problems insurance can solve for freelancers.

How legal expenses insurance can help freelancers

We asked the insurer, ARAG, to share stories of customers they’ve helped with the legal expenses product and the cost of each claim.

New product: helping you get paid

Today we’ve added a new product to our line called legal expenses. This product will help you get paid, give you access to legal advice 24/7 and more.

Dealing with an unhappy client who wants a refund

This is a familiar story in the freelance world. Freelancer receives payment, completes and delivers work, client becomes unhappy and asks for a refund. How do you deal with clients that want a refund?

Wedding photographers, here’s what to do if a client isn’t happy with your photos

Most wedding photographers will face a difficult client at some point in their career. We’ve compiled the dos and don’ts if you find your client is unhappy with the photos you have (or haven’t) taken on their wedding day.

With Jack is now authorised by the FCA

After two years trading as an appointed representative in an InsurTech incubator, With Jack is now authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.