Red flag client not paying and threatening to pay damages

We’ve all ignored a client that showed red flags. In my experience these projects are never worth the hassle. Let’s delve into a project that exhibited red flags from the start. We’ll look at preventive measures, what options the freelancer has and how insurance can help.

Behind the scenes of a professional indemnity claim

Professional indemnity claims can be quite complex. They either involve a legal threat or a client claiming monetory loss. It can be a scary and stressful experience for a freelancer. In this blog post we take you behind the scenes of a professional indemnity claim.

Business contents insurance compared to home insurance

Why should you have a dedicated insurance policy for your business contents? Home contents insurance will often exclude business equipment and business contents has extra features. Find out more.

The lowdown on IR35 insurance

There’s a lot of interest in IR35 insurance because of the off-payroll working rules affecting freelancers operating under a limited company. Let’s look at what IR35 insurance is, how it can help and how much it costs.

Dos and don’ts when a project goes wrong

At some point in your freelance career, you’ll experience a project that doesn’t go to plan. It doesn’t matter who or what is to blame and what the specifics are, some projects just don’t run smoothly. We look at what to do when a project doesn’t go to plan.

Tips to help you get your claims paid

Contrary to popular belief insurers do want to pay out claims, but there are some occasions where claims don’t get paid. I want to take a look at the common reasons why and share tips to help you get the most from your insurance.

Client wants me to finish our project and is asking for damages

This freelancer’s client asked them to submit the work they’d completed for a project that had missed its deadline, and then asked the freelancer to pay damages. What could this freelancer have done differently to have a better outcome, and what role could insurance play in this situation?

Will my insurance be void if I don’t have a contract?

When I was a freelance photographer I bought insurance that required me to have my clients sign a contract. However, not all insurers make contracts a stipulation of getting insured. We look at if your insurance will be void if you don’t have a contract.

When should I contact my insurer?

It’s a common misconception that the only time you should contact your insurer is when lawyers are banging on the door because you’re being sued. This isn’t true. Let’s look at when you should contact your insurer and how they might be able to help you.

How insurance helped this developer after a bike accident

When Simon had an accident on his bike and broke his laptop, he was worried about two things; will his insurance cover the damage and how quickly can he get back to work? Here’s how With Jack helped him.

Client is threatening to hire another freelancer… and send me the invoice

A freelancer’s client threatened to invoice them after being unhappy with their level of work and service. We take a look at what could have been done differently to have a better outcome and the role insurance would play.

Client project has stalled. What now?

Projects can stall for reasons outside of your control. How can you keep things moving and will your insurance help if your client’s unhappy with the progress?