The season finale of Unsure? Insure!

It’s been one whole year of producing weekly Unsure? Insure! episodes. We look back at the most popular episodes, common themes, recurring patterns and the all important takeaways.

A rise in payment disputes

Payment disputes are on the rise. How should you handle a client asking for a refund when you’ve done your job, and can your insurance help you?

A first-hand account of pursuing a client through small claims court

Chris ran into problems with his first freelance product design job after leaving university. He shares his experience of pursuing a late payment through small claims court. What did it involve? Was it worth it, and what can you learn from his experience?

The legal advice helpline

For the first time in his career, David experienced a client refusing to pay his invoice. He shares his experience of using the legal advice helpline to guide him through the unfamiliar and uncomfortable process of pursuing a client through small claims court.

Be a confident freelancer

How you respond to a client relationship breaking down is crucial. It can be the difference between a project ending harmoniously and one you regret accepting.

Arguments over copyright ownership

We’ve seen a lot of copyright claims at With Jack. What should you do if your client argues about copyright ownership? Can contracts and insurance help you navigate issues over copyright?

Why having a contract isn’t enough to protect you

It’s a myth that having a contract relieves freelancers of liability if something goes wrong enough. Having a contract and insurance should go hand in hand.

Keeping projects on time and managing client expectations

A lot of the claims we see at With Jack follow the same patterns, usually centered around poor project management. Knowing these common issues exist we asked other freelancers how they keep projects running on time and manage client expectations.

All about the mitigation costs clause

The mitigation costs clause is one of the most used features of the professional indemnity policy. If your client isn’t happy with the work you’ve delivered, refuses to pay your invoice and accompanies that refusal with a threat, the insurer will pay you the money owed to you.

Favour for a friend

Projects that you do as favours have a tendency to become difficult projects. It’s because there isn’t infrastructure in place to treat it like a proper job. For example, a contract and statement of work. We look at how these situations can go wrong and if insurance can help.

Find the help you need

Working with insured professionals is a safer way of finding good talent. Use With Jack’s directory to find a designer, copywriter and more for your project.

I accidentally deleted a client’s website

This error resulted in a client’s database being deleted and a threat of legal action. We look at preventive measures and how insurance helps in this situation.