My story about a client being unhappy with my work

Before I worked in insurance I was a freelance photographer. This is my personal story about a client being unhappy with the work I delivered, how I handled it and the lessons I learned.

Understanding your policy: Insured quote

Let’s do a teardown of the insured quote you’ll receive when getting a quote (also called insured schedule if you buy insurance). We’ll walk through the document and explain every step so you can better understand your insurance.

Online legal documents for freelancers

Here are some of the legal templates included with your legal expenses insurance. Debt collection letters, copyright agreements, website terms and more.

Contract clauses for clients that ghost you mid-project

Most freelancers have experienced a client ghosting them at a critical stage of a project. How can you manage a client going AWOL?

Common worries when working for yourself (and how to handle them)

Getting paid, finding work, firing bad clients… these are all situations you’ll face as a freelancer. How do you prepare for them?

My favourite policy features: data reconstitution

The data recovery clause is one of my favourite policy features. It’s helpful for all freelancers who store important data, but especially photographers and videographers whose SD cards or hard drives suffer accidental damage that causes client work to become lost or corrupt.

Most common claims by profession

Ever wondered what kind of problems designers, developers and photographers face that their insurance has helped them with? We’ve put together a list of the most common claims by profession which can help you improve your processes to reduce risk or avoid issues altogether.

Income protection with Anorak

Ever thought about what would happen if you were too unwell to work for a long time? Find out how much income protection you need (if any) with Anorak.

The season finale of Unsure? Insure!

It’s been one whole year of producing weekly Unsure? Insure! episodes. We look back at the most popular episodes, common themes, recurring patterns and the all important takeaways.

A rise in payment disputes

Payment disputes are on the rise. How should you handle a client asking for a refund when you’ve done your job, and can your insurance help you?

A first-hand account of pursuing a client through small claims court

Chris ran into problems with his first freelance product design job after leaving university. He shares his experience of pursuing a late payment through small claims court. What did it involve? Was it worth it, and what can you learn from his experience?

The legal advice helpline

For the first time in his career, David experienced a client refusing to pay his invoice. He shares his experience of using the legal advice helpline to guide him through the unfamiliar and uncomfortable process of pursuing a client through small claims court.