What happens next when you’re accused of copyright infringement?

This one’s serious. Logos or custom fonts you’ve designed might look similar to existing work. Or an image or asset has been used without the correct permissions. What then?

“Houston, we have a problem” – ghosting, poor communication and missed milestones. Who’s to blame?

Sometimes a client goes quiet or fails to provide the assets you need to complete your work. And sometimes it’s a freelancer who’s accused of poor communication or missed milestones. What next?

How to get paid when a client goes quiet or refuses to pay your invoice

It happens to the best of us. A client stops responding to your emails, or says they’re not going to pay your invoice. How can you make sure you’re not left out of pocket?

Do I need insurance if I’m a limited company?

There’s a myth that if you’re a Limited company you don’t need to have professional indemnity insurance. We explain why your responsibilities to the client remain the same, whether you’re a sole trader or Limited company.

Scripts to use when clients ask you to be insured

Insurance clauses in client contracts are often a one size that doesn’t fit all approach. This means either the level of cover or insurance products clients ask you to have might not fit your needs. Here are some ideas for scripts you can send to your client in response to the insurance clause.

How do I fire my client? We answer your questions [Video]

In this video we answer three questions. How do you terminate a project with a difficult client, refuse a client’s refund request and successfully set (and stick to!) boundaries?

Why client contracts ask you to be insured

Sometimes clients will ask you to have insurance. Whilst it can feel like a barrier to accepting the project, it isn’t an unreasonable request. We look at why a client asks you to be an insured professional.

The importance of agreements in a freelancer’s workflow

One of the biggest causes of problems for freelancers is client expectations not being met. Agreements can help you discover problems in advance so you can keep clients happy and ensure projects run smoothly.

Why do I need a contract? We answer your questions [Video]

Ever wondered how much help a contract really is if things go wrong? Or what measures you can put in place to prevent a client from paying late? We answer your questions.

Is public liability insurance the same as professional indemnity insurance?

It can feel like a minefield when you first learn about all the different insurance products available. Public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance are two very different products, so make sure you’re buying the policy that suits the type of work you do.

Why legal expenses insurance can save the day

The professional indemnity policy is triggered if there’s a legal threat or demand for compensation, but legal expenses insurance can save the day before a situation has reached that stage. Here’s why it’s something every freelancer should consider.

Answering the risk questions: Professional indemnity

Answering the risk questions is the final step to getting insured, but some of the questions can be confusing. We break down the risk questions by profession, what they mean and why the insurer is asking them.