With Jack featured in The Sunday Times

With Jack was featured in The Sunday Times. The article is about building a startup in Glasgow and features Indie, the office dog.

Insuring your freelance business when you have worldwide clients

Shopping for business insurance when you work with global clients doesn’t have to be a problem. We can add worldwide cover to your policy for an additional premium.

What type of insurance do I need as a freelancer?

Being insured helps you be a confident freelancer, but what exactly does that mean? We look at the types of insurance to consider as a freelancer and how insurance can help you.

How bulletproof is your freelance business?

Use our business health checkup tool to assess the strength of your freelance business and give you ideas of areas you could improve.

Lessons learned freelancing and goals for the year ahead

A collection of lessons learned from With Jack customers, as well as the goals they’ve set for the year ahead.

Success at the Digital Insurance Awards

Success at the Post Digital Insurance Awards 2016 as Ashley wins the award she was shortlisted for!

How insurance can resolve freelance problems

Scope creep, unhappy clients, missed milestones… Most of the common problems freelancers face can be resolved with business insurance.

(Case study) The side project that became a best-selling app

Rohan from Mindfulness Everywhere talks product validation and building a best selling, award winning app.

Reaching top 5 on Product Hunt

With Jack reached top 5 on Product Hunt. We look at the numbers, and provide tips to get the best results from your Product Hunt feature.

Let’s talk about the cost of insurance

You wouldn’t hire the cheapest web designer, so why are people programmed to choose the cheapest policy? You get what you pay for.

Shortlisted at the Digital Insurance Awards

Ashley has been Shortlisted for two insurance awards at the Post Digital Insurance Awards 2016. Good luck, Ashley!

Special offers for With Jack customers

Become a better freelancer with Jack’s hand-picked special offers for freelancers including learning material and project management tools.