Tips to help you when making a claim

Not sure when or how to make a claim on your professional indemnity insurance? We offer tips to help you prepare for making a claim with your insurer.

Expanding our service to more professions

We can now arrange business insurance for photographers, digital marketers and mobile app developers.

(Case study) Going freelance and finding clients after redundancy

Martin Bean, a web developer from Newcastle, talks about how he went freelance after the shock of being made redundant.

Teaching yourself a new skill with courses

There are loads of online courses vying for your attention. How can you teach yourself a new skill with online courses?

Improvements to the onboarding experience

We’ve listened to customer feedback to improve our onboarding experience. Let’s look at the improvements we’ve made.

4 horror stories about creative businesses that wished they had insurance

A collection of true stories when designers, developers and creatives would have benefited from having business insurance.

Find out what insurance you need with this tool

Use our ‘what insurance’ tool to get an idea of the insurance you should consider based on the type of business you run.

New products available: customise your cover

You can now customise your policy with public liability and contents insurance. Say hello to the perfect policy.

Coming soon: A new look at With Jack

With Jack is offering more types of cover. Now freelancers can customise their insurance for their business.

4 reasons freelancers should have business insurance

With a lot of freelancers being unsure about the benefits of being insured, we look at 4 reasons why freelancers should have insurance. Keep yourself safe and clients happy.

I’ve been burgled

Ashley shares her experience of being burgled, having her equipment stolen and the importance of having the proper insurance.

Planting the insurance seed

Ashley shares her story of the moment she realised she needed insurance as a freelancer, and that she was putting herself and her clients at risk by not having it.