Business insurance on a first name basis.


Jack is all about bespoke insurance for freelance creatives. Simple. That doesn’t mean more forms or faff - it means less. It’s not about endless features and stale service - it’s about one solid policy and the personal touch. Bye bye unnecessary fuss, hello freelancer-friendly insurance.

Special offers hand picked by Jack for our freelancer friends.

Why choose Jack

A service built from the ground up.

A wide range of business insurance

We’ve built our service from the ground up, tailoring it specifically for our freelancer friends. Rest assured we’ve got you and yours covered.

Focused on freelancers.

Each policy tailored to your individual needs

If you’re a web designer, developer, illustrator or consultant, you’re in the right place. We know what a freelancer needs because we’ve been one. That’s why we’ve shunned the empty add-ons and created a service that’s designed with only you in mind.

Sign up and get going.

Shop for insurance, from anywhere

Insurance shouldn’t be complicated, so we’ve made every step easy. You’ll deal with one form and one Jack so you can sign up, get covered and move on with your day. This is your insurance so we make sure it works for you.

Business insurance just got personal

What makes us your best choice?


Imagine a no noise insurance company. That’s what we did. We believe insurance shouldn't be a maze of forms and corporate chat. It should be about, well, you.

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